Service Items

1.The maintenance of inflatable life raft .
2.The filling, testing and maintenance of marine portable fire extinguisher. Trolley extinguisher, foam application etc.
3.The test and maintenance of fixed type extinguisher system and weighing, filling for cylinder of carbon dioxide, foam system and dry powder system's pipeline blow throwing and alarm testing.
4.The hydrotest of all kinds of cylinders or extingusihers.
5.SCBA and EEBD inspection and refilling and maintenance.
6.The inspection and maintenance of lifeboat, davit, winches, and release gears.

1.Ultrasonic Level Detector
2.Multifunctional gas detectors
3.Fixed type gas detector alert system
4.Digital electronic weightier
5.The inspection and maintenance of enclosed depth sounder, like UTI, etc
6.The inspection and maintenance of oil water separator
7.The inspection and maintenance of tank testing device
8.The inspection and maintenance of marine automation equipment
9.The inspection and maintenance of Oxygen and gas monitoring equipment
10.The calibration and verification of piezometer and thermometer

Our company has its own professional maintenance team, and the employees are with rich experience, special profession and strong work endurance. Every employee has shipping working experience and passed the thorough training of practice and theory.

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